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The Hog Blog

January 2015
1/14/2015 9:55:09 AM
Well I didn't post last year as I really didn't have much to say.  Sadly we lost 2 of our herd.  First of all Sookie had a large tumour on her chest and died in February and then in September we lost Hettie.  Both losses are still felt and I have not replaced either hog.  We also kind of lost another herd member when Malaika went to live with one of my friends, a great pet owner.  
this means that we are left with:
Maud - 5 years old
Hubbell - 4 years and 3 months
Minnie May - 3 years and 7 months
Tattie - 1 year and 8 months
Rupert - 2 years old
Sheldon - 1 year and 8 months 

I have paired Rupert and Tattie 2 - 3 times now but no babies.  I will try once more and if there are still no babies I will just concentrate on looking after the hogs that we have.

This is quite good for me really as I am always concious of them aging and I want to be able to spend as much time with them as possible.

New Year New Start
1/9/2014 5:51:22 PM
Well lots of things have changed since I last posted.  The biggest change is that we moved house from Luton to Leighton Buzzard.  From a busy town to an old market town.  The hogs have a room all for themselves and this was one of the reasons we chose our house ( an old pub).  Although we planned the move in fine details due to the welfare concerns for all of our pets (1 dog, 2 chickens, 3 snails, 1 millipede and 9 hedgehogs) It was quite stressful. Early in the morning of move day I had to get up, take all the hogs out of their vivs, put them in carriers with a heat source, then clean out the vivs, wash the glass and make them ready for the removal men.  I couldn't wait to get them to the new house and back into their warm vivs.  Now that we are settled I'm really happy with the new set up and they are in a lovely warm well lit room.

Also new is that I got married on January 3rd 2014 and my lovely eldest daughter made us a Hoggy Wedding Cake.

Also, on December 30th my lovely Tattie gace birth to one baby.  I have not yet had a good look as it is too early to disturb the nest but I love having babies in the house and can't wait to get a closer peek and my first cuddle.

Latest news
7/22/2013 3:31:12 PM
Well, that's it.  Another month gone! It's been a busy time for The Small Hedgehog company.  This month we have launched our new online store.  We are not a transactional site but you can choose what you like and order via email and pay via PAYPAL.

Also, last Sunday the African Pygmy Hedgehog Club held a show in Northampton.  There were some amazing hoggies there and lots of different stalls and competitions.  Proof indeed that the African Pygmy Hedgehog world is growing rapidly and is full of some amazing friendly people.

I am a very happy hoggy mummy this month.  The sun is shining, the Tiny Spikes Herd is growing and everything is lovely.

The Nursery is Full!
6/29/2013 9:10:38 PM
Well, what can I say?  Things have changed quickly since our last post.  First of all Minnie-May and Sookies babies were all lovely and healthy.  5 were born in total and 3 have homes (2 of them with us!) .  We still have a male and a female available but they are so cute I love having them around.  

I decided to keep one of Sookie's sons, he is a beautiful Grey Pinto and we have called him Sheldon.  I shouldn't have kept him but he is so gorgeous and he has the most amazing personality we couldn't bear to part from him.  We are also keeping a little girl from Minnie-May's litter.  She is so squidgy, cuddly and gentle that once you have her in your arms you don't want to put her down.

Malaika, is another new member of the herd.  She is another really pretty hog and is settling in well.  

I love that our herd is now so diverse with different colours, ages etc.  Of course our Hog Room had only go 8 vivariums in it.  5 lived in and 3 vacant.  Malaika, Sheldon and Tattie now live in them. . . . . .

 . . . and then another breeder contacted me about a 6 month old male that she had that needed a new home.  He is a chubby cinnamon pinto and was really huffy when he arrived but within a short space of time ( the time it took for me to drink a cup of tea) he was realxed and settled.  He seems to be a real character.  Anyway, with 8 vivs taken up by 8 hogs we have had to go shopping for a new Zoozone and move all the furniture around to fit in the 9th team member.

So.  It's been a busy few weeks and it's going to be a busy summer.  What with young hogs all over the place and twice the amount of viv cleaning.  I need to get my sewing machine out and start to make some new liners.  

Let's just hope that I have time to write in the future.

Squidgy Babies
5/28/2013 8:05:40 PM

With a (muted) fanfare of trumpets we are proud to anounce that both Sookie and Minnie-May have now both had their babies.  Both mums are fit and healthy and so are the babies.  In the past both mums have had 5 babies but this time Minnie-May had 2 and Sookie had 3. I always get nervous just before the babies are due. I feel as if any pain has been cause by me, it's all my fault!  Then when the babies start to come out of the nest that feeling goes away and all I want to do is hug them and spend loads of time with them. 

One baby has already been sold and the others will have new homes soon.  Hopefuly they will keep in touch so that I know how they are getting on. I do have my eye on one of the little girls as a keeper but I'll see how things go.

I'm off to Africa soon for 2 weeks and when I come back the babies will have grown so much! I'm going to miss them loads.

New Beginnings
5/5/2013 9:14:02 PM

Here's to new beginnings!  On Febuary 23rd we lost Soames and on 23rd April we lost little Lilibet.  We have been really shocked to lose the 2 of them so close together and the 'Hog Room'  seems empty without them.  However, this week we have heard baby squeaks from Sookie.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and that the babies and Sookie keep well and thrive.  Minnie-May is also expecting and her babies are due in the middle of May.  She's just had her 2nd birthday (May 1st) and seems to be doing well.

3/31/2013 6:06:04 PM
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